All about me

Hi everyone, 

My name is Saroja. As you can see, I am a proud grandma and owner of Basnet Family Child Care. 

I am originally from Nepal, and immigrated to Los Angeles about 16 years ago. As the oldest in a family of 7, I have always taken the role of a caretaker from early on in my life. I have always prided myself as a good teacher, caretaker and drive a deep satisfaction from working with kids. I have a Bachelors in Arts. In Nepal, I was a teacher and director of an elementary and high school for 15+ years for kids ranging from 3 -17 years old.

From 2006- 2018, I was a nanny for kids 2 and 4 years old until recently (Now they are 17 +). I am a mother of 2. I am proud to have been part of raising 4 kids and being a significant part of their life, growth, ethics and education.

I established Basnet Family Day Care in 2018.   I am amazed by how much kids learn early on if they are exposed to the right environment. I have enjoyed working with the kiddos and look forward to helping you raise your child with love.

Best Regards,